Ellicott City Flood Relief Efforts

This page is for specifically for our donors in response to the 7/30/2016 flooding of Downtown Historic Ellicott City and the relief efforts that will pursue.

The National Weather Service called the flooding an "off-the-chart" event. The flash flooding resulted in 2 deaths and a 140 people needing rescued. Many buildings were severely damaged or will need demolished along with 180 cars washed away or damaged. 
We will be directing donations The Friends in Need Foundation (FINF) for anyone who would like to assist us in helping the restoration effort from the flooding in downtown historic Ellicott City.

The Friends in Need Foundation of the Ellicott City Rotary Club, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit.The foundation (FINF) handles all donations, fund raising and distributions. All donations on this page will be specifically for the restoration efforts. 

For volunteer opportunities please inquire with Pam Kreis at pkreis511@gmail.com to work with our Rotary Club or you can call the Howard County non-emergency hotline at 410-313-2900